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Oral History Archive

The Writing Centers Research Project at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock collects and archives oral interviews of historically significant writing center professionals, including those instrumental in founding early centers, in developing the National Writing Centers Association, and those who participated in other important ways in the development of writing centers. The interviews are housed at the University of Louisville archives in both audiotaped and transcribed versions and are available for scholarly research.

A list of completed interviews, scheduled interviews, and recommendations for future interviews is available by clicking here.

To recommend a key figure in Writing Center Studies for an oral history interview, please send an email to the WCRP. Include your name and email, the name of the figure you are recommending, a brief statement of this person's significance to the writing center community, and any contact information you have for this person (email, phone, address).

Thank you helping to shape the future of historical research in Writing Center Studies!